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Vertically Centered Content

Vertically center content inside any column next to another column of greater height.

Modules require the Divi Module Importer plugin or the Divi Module Builder plugin (adds the ability to modify modules). Once either plugin is installed, modules can be easily imported and will become instantly available within the Divi Builder on any layout.

An example would be two columns in a single row. The right column has a tall image. The left column has the Vertically Centered Content module with text. The left column text will always be vertically centered inside the white space created by the image on the right:

For this module to work properly, the “Equalize Column Heights” option must be turned on in the row that this module is placed. You can find this option in the row’s settings under the Design tab:


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  • not compatible

    not compatible with latest version of Divi as of 6/29/18 (prior reply had wrong year)

    • Just tested on Divi 3.9 and still working. Make sure you turn on the Equalize Column Heights option in the row you place the module in.

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