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Divi FilterGrid

$29.00 - $139.00
Divi FilterGrid is the most powerful and flexible plugin for displaying posts and any post type in Divi. We've made it easy to select the content you want and display it in a beautiful, filterable grid.
Divi Module Builder Plugin - Divi Theme

Divi Module Builder

$49.00 - $209.00
The Divi Module Builder gives you the ability to easily create and add custom modules to the Divi Builder. From simple HTML and CSS modules to complex modules with custom PHP and Javascript, the possibilities are endless!
Divi Dynamic Gallery Plugin

Divi Dynamic Gallery

$19.00 - $99.00
Divi Dynamic Gallery makes it easy to create a masonry gallery of images from your Media Library. Manually add images or load them from an Advanced Custom Fields gallery field. Choose the image data you want displayed, whether to filter and paginate the results, and lots of additional options!
Divi Plugins Owl Carousel Pro

Owl Carousel Pro

$19.00 - $99.00
The Owl Carousel Pro plugin adds four new carousel modules to the Divi Builder. Load posts, any custom post type or choose images from your library to load in a standard or fullwidth section. The plugin includes many great options to customize how the carousel and images are displayed.
Divi Easy Digital Downloads Plugin

Divi Easy Digital Downloads

$29.00 - $139.00
Divi Easy Digital Downloads adds several download-specific modules to the builder, giving you much finer control of how your downloads are displayed.
Divi AI Image Plugin

Divi AI Images

$19.00 - $99.00
Divi AI Images is a revolutionary WordPress plugin that takes the default image related modules included in the Divi theme to the next level. With this plugin, you can now generate stunning, high-quality images using AI, directly from your Divi theme and modules. Spending hours searching for the perfect image for your website or blog […]

Media Extension

$10.00 - $69.00
The Media Extension plugin extends the functionality of Divi FilterGrid, giving you the ability to easily display images, videos and audio files from your WordPress Media Library.
Divi WooCommerce Extension

WooCommerce Extension

$10.00 - $69.00
The WooCommerce Extension plugin extends the functionality of Divi FilterGrid, giving you the ability to easily display WooCommerce data within the Divi FilterGrid module.

Media Taxonomies

This is a simple and free plugin that adds two taxonomies to your WordPress media.
Divi Plugin Creator

Divi Plugin Creator

$39.00 - $79.00
The Divi Plugin Creator extends the functionality of the Divi Module Builder, giving you the option to turn any custom module into a standalone plugin. The plugins created by the Divi Plugin Creator will add your custom module to the Page Builder on any Divi site.
Divi Plugins Divi Module Importer

Divi Module Importer

$29.00 - $129.00
The Divi Module Importer gives you free and unlimited access to our expanding library of Divi Page Builder modules. Once the plugin is installed, you can import any module from our library into your site, instantly expanding and supercharging your Divi Page Builder.
Portfolio Posts Pro Plugin - Divi Theme

Portfolio Posts Pro

$19.00 - $99.00
Portfolio Posts Pro adds custom modules that load posts and custom post types in the portfolio layouts. It also adds the option to open images in a lightbox, link to a custom URL, or open the post in a popup window. You can also display custom fields from each post!
Portfolio Posts Plugin - Divi Theme

Portfolio Posts

Portfolio Posts adds custom modules that load posts in the portfolio layouts instead of projects.
Divi Plugins Owl Carousel

Owl Carousel

The Owl Carousel plugins adds a new module to the Divi Builder allowing you to display posts in a carousel. Simply add the module to any page or post and select the post categories you want to display.
Divi Plugins Custom Post Types

Custom Post Types

Custom Post Types creates a new custom post type for your WordPress website. The custom post type created is a recipe but it is very simple to modify and change to any custom post type you would like.

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