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Divi FilterGrid

Divi FilterGrid is the most powerful and flexible plugin for displaying posts and any post type in Divi. We’ve made it easy to select the content you want and display it in a beautiful, filterable grid.

Current version - 3.0.5
Last updated - 4-4-2024
* Requires Divi 3.1 or higher

† All licenses include 1 year access to support and updates. Lifetime license includes lifetime access to support and updates.


Built on the latest CSS Grid system, Divi FilterGrid gives you complete control of the grid layout. We’ve also added skins, allowing you to visually transform each grid item by simply selecting a different skin. With lots of other great features including custom content, AJAX load more, and lightbox and popup options – Divi FilterGrid is great for both developers and personal use.

Divi FilterGrid Features:

  • Create a grid layout of any post type
  • Easily control the number of grid columns for each screen size
  • Multiple layout options
  • Multiple query options for any skill level
  • Filters give visitors the ability to filter the results by category or tags
  • Skins allow you to change the appearance of the grid with a single click
  • Multiple ajax pagination options increase page load speed


Average rating: 4.93 out of 5 stars
138 reviews
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
  • Fantastic plugin, Great support and just Wow!

    I have used Filter Grid in many of my projects and consider this to be one of the best plugins for Divi. The plug is stable, flexible and adds so much value. Add their Woo extension and you have a great product display solution. Add their media extension and you have a superb solution for media viewing. In addition to this, there is always excellent and helpful support. If you are going to invest in any plugin going forward… look no further.

  • Excellent Plugin and Support

    I needed a specific functionality for a clients website, asked a pre-sales question and Brad got right back to me. Purchased, installed and followed excellent documentation to get it working just as we needed.
    Very happy, would buy from this vendor again.

  • Excellent product

    Great plugin. Does what you’d expect. Avoids coding. Responsive and effective support.

  • Come for the Plug-In, Stay for the tech. support!

    First of all – out of the gate, the plugin is amazing. There is nothing on the market that does what this plug-in does as far as filterability, functionality and customization. And all 100% compatible with DIVI

    But it is the support that is outstanding. I had a bit of an oddball functionality request and while we couldn’t get it exact {yet- yippie for future upgrades}, we came up a solution that works and they wrote me out custom coding and gave me a bit of a CSS tutorial! All over the course of a couple of days with multiple messages going back and forth.

    I can’t say enough good things about this company or this plugin. I will be upgrading from a single use, 1 year license to an unlimited lifetime one as every site should have this plugin if using DIVI.

  • Exceptional Plugin and Support

    Whether you want to utilise its most basic features, or fully customise, this remarkable plugin has you covered. I regularly use it for blog filtering, but have recently used it to create an index/filter for real estate ‘projects’. Support assisted me with some custom script to add banner images on top of the feature images (ie. sold banner or ready to build banner).
    Really blown away on all counts.

  • Best plugin investment ever

    I very recently bought this plugin to fix several challenges I encounter on a web project with different categories & tags. With this plugin installed, the divigrid module does the heavy thinking for you and queries are built in no time ! Great job ! A+++

  • Great Support and Great Plugin

    I had a custom requirement for my FilterGrid layout, and Brad was able to help me out and point me in the right direction for what I needed. The support response was quick and extremely helpful. The FilterGrid plugin is a great tool to have in the toolbox.

  • Great Plugin + Awesome Support

    The filter grid solved an annoying issue for me, and Brad went above and beyond with some additional tweaks that created a perfect solution. I’ll be buying more plugins in the future. Highly recommended!

  • Exceptional Support and Quick Solutions from Divi Plugins

    I recently encountered a challenging issue with my WordPress website, which had left me struggling for two frustrating weeks. Fortunately, I reached out to Divi Plugins, and I couldn’t be more pleased with their service.

    Their support team responded promptly and professionally, identifying the problem and providing a clear, step-by-step solution in a matter of hours. Their expertise with Divi Builder and plugins is remarkable. If you’re in need of fast, reliable support and solutions for your Divi Builder-powered website, I highly recommend Divi Plugins. They saved me from weeks of frustration and downtime, and their commitment to customer satisfaction is truly exceptional. Thank you, Divi Plugins!

  • Highly recommended

    The plugin worked perfectly and is highly customizable.

  • Great Plugin...Even Better Support

    This is a great plugin with a variety of different options to choose from. It gives you just enough options to customize it without overwhelming you. But to top it off, support is very responsive and really helpful in finding a solution to any issues that might arise. Thumbs up!

  • Fantastic plugin

    Fantastic plugin, it has all the features I was looking and hoping for. Excellent and very helpful developer, who is making the sometimes frustrating wordpress fun!

  • Great plugin!

    Really powerful filtering and a super helpful team in support when I needed some customization. I couldn’t be happier!

  • Amazingly Capable Plugin - And Support that is Second to None!!!

    Divi FilterGrid takes Divi to a whole new level in building more complex displays of custom post types. And hands-down, the support is the best I have ever encountered from a plugin developer. These guys are the absolute best! If you are looking to display custom post type grids, hands down this is the tool you need.

  • Life is good again

    This is funcitonality that should come standard with Divi, but even if it was standard to Divi, it would never have been as customisable as it is as a plugin. It is well thought out, stable and very well supported.

  • Great Plugin, Features & Support to Back It Up!

    Divi FilterGrid is an amazing plugin, helping me to display our company’s products and allow users to filter through to find just want they are looking for. On top of this, I have I reached out to DiviPlugins’ support on a number of occasions to see if it is possible to configure different things I was desiring. To my surprise, each time, their support team went ABOVE AND BEYOND my expectations. Rather than simply pointing me to a Support Forum or Plugin Documentation (which are are also really helpful and informative!), they worked hand in hand with me through their ticketing system to offer suggestions, code snippets and then ultimately to securely log in and just quickly make adjustments on the backend of the site that I manage. They were patient, courteous and I will certainly recommend their plugins and products to others as they deserve to continue to be successful & profitable as they make great products and support them excellently!

    Thanks again, specifically to Brad & Alex!

  • Excellent product - and superb support!

    Divi FilterGrid is the Divi tool I come back to time and again. It’s been the solution for many a layout challenge. And the support I’ve received has been outstanding – really taking the time to dive into and solve thorny little problems, even providing bits of custom code when necessary. The engaged, friendly and knowledgeable tech support is half the reason I use and recommend Divi Plugins.

  • Powerful, easy, growing

    This is a wonderful tool that will bring power to a non coding guy like me. Some css and Gsap and you can implement any design you wish and keep all your development dynamic, futureproof and mainly idiot proof!

  • One of the best plugins!

    Superior blog module for customization and styling especially for those with custom post types. Everything you need is right in the plug-in as far as search functions, filtering, and styling. I love it. It’s so easy to use, I’ve only needed support a few times but they are always super responsive and helpful.

  • Taxonomy missing

    Hi, great module so far. But in my case the taxonomy does not appear (just “all”) But I selected the project_category taxonomy and I defined some categories in projects. What can I do?

    • Great module, friendly and swift support. Plugin is working good.

    • I Oliver! Make sure you change to project category in the Filters section. The filters will display post categories by default. You need to change to project categories not only in the query section, but also the filters section. If that doesn’t work, please create a support ticket and we’ll get it figured out for you:

  • Just what I needed

    So far it does exactly what I need. I am using it in several places on my site and it is very flexible and stable.
    The only negative that I have found so far is that the categories list that it uses to select from is flat, even if the categories are grouped by parent and children. This can result in the same category label (i.e. Solutions with Artificial Intelligence vs. Blog with Artificial Intelligence). I will be submitting a feature request and hope they can resolve this.

    • Thanks Dion! When picking the categories in the module’s settings, they should display in hierarchical order. I responded to your support ticket. Please respond there and we can troubleshoot this further to see what the issue might be.

  • Very impressive

    This is a well-made, fully featured plugin that is easy to set up and use. I haven’t even scratched the surface of what this plugin could do, but it does so simply and reliably. And you can style everything from text colour to your neighbour’s hair. Well done.

  • Very sophisticated plugin

    Once you get to know what everything is called, I love the way that every single detail within the layout can be controlled and fine-tuned.

    And if you ever want to make deeper changes, the DiviPlugins team are always quick to respond and help out.

  • Great solution. Wonderfull support team

    Perfect solution for Dynamic gallery with thumbnails.
    Support team amazing with an outstanding will to help in every little details.

    Thank you so much for being so helpful and patient

  • Great features and quick, friendly support

    I’ve only used this for a few weeks and I sense the options are near endless. I will need to dig deeper into the CSS grid styling to really make use of this. Support responds quickly and helpfully. Thank you!

  • The best filter grid option in the market.

    I’m so glad we made the decision to go with this plug-in, the team are incredibly supportive, and went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the behaviour we were looking for could be achieved. The care they put behind their work really shows in the way they provide support. You can’t go wrong with is plug-in. It’s a must have in the toolkit of any Divi arsenal. Thanks so much team!

  • This is a MUST HAVE!

    If you are hoping for an elegant development and outstanding support, this is the place. This plugin has let me do some very unusual workarounds in my designs, because it’s really amazing all the many things you can do. And I love it because it lets us be creative be no limits. This is true, you can use this plugin in many many ways and it helps you to think outside the box. I am very thankful for finding it and for the team’s support, they always provide the assistance you need. You wont regret this, this plugin has been a jewel for me.

  • Great plugin! Fantastic support!

    Just wanted to drop you a few lines to tell you how much I appreciated your amazing support with the Divi FilterGrid plugin. You guys went above and beyond to ensure my client’s projects filter worked exactly like we wanted with a different colour layer over each project category. Your custom coding works like a charm and my client is very happy! Thanks again for your patience and expertise!

  • Amazing Plugin AND Support. Divi Filter Grid DELIVERS!

    Once again, Divi Filter Grid’s flexibility and power are a core component to a platform site we are building. Simple to configure, thorough documentation, and it feels like Elegant Themes will want to eventually bake something like this into their default theme. It’s in our default template for nearly every site we build with Divi.

    The support responses are extremely quick, thorough, and provide examples, snippets, and alternative solutions to the ticket questions. On multiple occasions they have gone above and beyond the support scope of the plugin to provide education and general support relating to some of the intricacies of custom post types.

    Definitely worth the lifetime license.

  • DIVI FilterGrid plug-in with search, exactly what was needed!

    Easy registration, easy installation, many features, fully compatible with the DIVI visual builder, extended documentation and outstanding support by Brad! greets Richard van der Linde

  • Refund SALE %

    I forgot to type in the sale discount code.

    I ask the support and in one day already they refunded the sale discount back.

    Very happy also with the supprt and reaction time!

  • Very Useful Plugin, Superior Support

    I would give this plugin 5 stars, if it weren’t for the documentation (or lack thereof). Using this plugin, in combination with Media Plugin & Media Taxonomies (both also DiviPlugins), I was able to accomplish (with the help of support) the ability to display select images in a gallery which automatically loads particularly marked images. For example, a gallery of comic book covers by Adam Hughes, a popular comic book artist. I can upload the cover images, mark them as Adam Hughes, and display them on-the-fly when the page loads. Once the page/post is programmed with the plugin, I no longer have to open the page in Divi and manually add new images. They automatically populate according to date they were uploaded. A very useful feature for Brad in support was unwavering in guiding me and helping me get this up and going, even identifying a conflict with an out-of-date plugin which created an error they had never before seen or addressed. The results are exactly what I was looking for. If you build web sites and get the chance, purchase the Lifetime Bundle. You’ll be very glad that you did.

  • Exquisite tools and outstanding service

    I think my title says it all, but still, I want to say to Divi users: Get pro tools if you want pro projects. Thanks again Divi Pugins team, for having always had my back.

  • Divi Filter Grid is a must and keeps getting better

    DIVI’s biggest flaw is the peculiar lack of options for post display. Divi Filter Grid not only fills that gap, but extends DIVI functionality in lots of different ways. Add to that the terrific support from the people of Diviplugins (contrary to the lack of support from ET), without Divi Filter Grid I would have moved away from DIVI a long time ago.

  • Awesome plugins and support!!!!

    Divi Plugins have enabled me as a non-developer to easily add functionality to Divi which is either missing or which would require custom coding. I was so impressed that I’ve signed up for their Professional Bundle on a Lifetime plan. When I needed to use a tricky custom query with Owl Carousel Pro the Divi Plugins support team were super helpful in achieving the result my client needed. Thanks for the awesome plugins!

  • Praise!

    I am using this plugin on most of my Divi-sites. It is really versatile and useful. Where Divi lacks, Filtergrid comes to help. Also for CPT’s.
    The support is top notch. Brad surprises me every time I am asking for advice and is a true hero!

    Also using Portfolio Posts Pro and now I got the lifetime bundle I am looking forward to expand the possibilities even further with the Module Builder / Importer and the Plugin Builder.

    My advice is to build the Lifetime bundle. It pays off.

    Highly recommended!

  • Great plugin!

    This plugin is great and the support team was really patient with me as they helped me with a custom query to get different post categories to display using Advanced Custom Fields for different pages using a Divi page template. They were very thoughtful in helping me find a solution for the needs of a website I was building and helped me get it working exactly like I needed since the default Divi blog module couldn’t do everything I need. Would highly recommend this plugin, especially for the wonderful and quick support I received.

  • Vraiment ravie

    Très simple d’utilisation et parfaitement adapté à Divi,
    on peut faire des personnalisation de tout même avec peu de connaissance en css.
    Ce plugin est devenu un indispensable je l’ai utilisé sur plusieurs sites.
    En + il est multilingue.
    Et l’assistance est ultra rapide et efficace

  • Works Great - Lots of Options for Ajax Filtering of Posts & Custom Post Types

    Plugin works great, Lots of options and does a great job of enabling on-the-fly Ajax filtering of blogs and custom post types. Excellent support as well.

  • Excellent Plugin out of the box with great customization options!

    FilterGrid is a fantastic plugin, and the more we use it, the more useful we find it is. Not only is a great solution out of the box, with loads of configurable options, it’s highly performant, which is really important on large sites, and it’s really customizable, allowing us to accommodate customizations from the rest of the site, and add custom code that we can display right in the FilterGrid itself. Tack on top notch support, and this has fast become one of our favourite tools. 10/10 would recommend!

  • Amazing plugin and support!

    FilterGrid Plugin is a real lifesaver! Very easy and intuitive to use. A lot of options and custumization. But the best about Divi Plugins, is the awesome support they provide. I had a really odd issue and Alex found the solution in no time. Thanks guys!

  • Perfect plugin and support

    Very customizable plugin and very fast and responsive support for any issues. Above and beyond.

  • Best frikking filtering plugin

    I’ve been using this plugin on my site and my client’s sites for a couple of years now and I cannot rate this plugin highly enough. It is my go to filtering plugin for shop pages, blog pages, project pages. The filtering is smooth and my god, this is probably the most flexible plugin I’ve ever used. You can customise almost everything without even having to add your own css – though of course you can go even further and add your own css if you want to. So many ways to filter and display the results, so customisable. The customer support is great. Responses are fast and they really offer great solutions. Buy it!

  • Amazing Functionality, Incredible support

    Such a flexible plugin – the options are mind boggling! Support are fast and incredibly helpful.

  • Truly A Fantastic Module

    This has quickly become a “must have” for every WordPress site I work on. With it, I’m able to put together the information I need, in the way I want to display, and it does everything I want and more!
    I highly recommend this plugin to all Divi users and can’t wait to see what else the DiviPlugin team comes up with!

  • My favorite grid plugin!

    I’ve used multiple other grid plugins and this one really takes the cake. Not only the plugin is great, but the support is also great too! I hope to do business with you again in the future. 🙂

  • Great plugin and great support

    Just a thanks for the great plugin. Having used Portfolio Pro, the filter grid goes a step further.
    I had a query about how to concatenate custom fields and Alex solved the problem in one go.
    Must recommend.

  • good


  • Exactely what i was looking for!

    I needed a quick way to build a css custom grid for the Divi portfolio posts. And this plugin does the job with perfection. A bit of CSS, et voilà!
    Thanks guys.

  • Great products backed up by flawless support

    I’ve used Filtergrid on a ton of websites. It’s super-intuitive to use and its functionality is exactly what I need for customising website blog and product grids. The support is absolutely spot-on too with quick, helpful and direct solutions to questions and issues. Highly recommend going for the Professional lifetime bundle. I haven’t looked back since getting it!

  • Perfect plugin and support !

    The team is amazing and helped me many times ! I thank them so much 🙂
    The plugin is perfect and have a lot of feature that only exist in this plugin.

  • Amazing Support!

    The Filtergrid plugin was exactly what I needed. But what I was blown away by was the customer support!

    I’m so used to very minimal support for WordPress plugins, BUT that was NOT the case with this plugin. I reached out because I was struggling to set it up and they went above and beyond to help. Not only that they gave me ideas on how to make it more user friendly. A+++.


    This plugin was everything I was looking for, and saved me HOURS of work in building something custom for a client project. Kudos to DP for putting together a solid plugin.

  • Best Divi Filter Plugin

    Hands down, this is the best Divi Filter plugin out there. Flexible, easy to use, and fantastic support.

  • Exactly the functionality Divi is missing!

    The Divi blog module doesn’t allow dynamic CPT taxonomy filtering in Theme Builder templates and this plugin bridges that gap beautifully.
    Perfect for my use case scenario and really extended what you can do with Theme Builder templates, but an all round awesome plugin too.
    Super support. Thanks Brad!

  • Fantastic Plugin, Fantastic Support

    For years, I used a competitor’s plugin because it was the only option available. When it became clear that it was no longer going to be maintained, I went searching for other options, and came across Divi Plugins. Divi FilterGrid adds functionality to your site that, in my opinion, should be built in to Divi to begin with. It works great with the Theme Builder, allowing you to build custom, dynamic layouts for any post type or archive. And if something isn’t working correctly, or a layout doesn’t exist that you’re looking for, support is there to help. They’re fast, too. You won’t regret buying Divi FilterGrid.

  • Fantastic Plugin AND Support

    5 stars for this fantastic plugin and support for a very specifical need ! It’s a very premium support service !!!

    You rock, keep up the excellent work !!!

  • Amazing support

    Worth every penny to keep renewing my yearly support subscription. They provide very helpful integrations, insights and customizations.

    The Filtergrid plugin is very expandable and the design is beautiful.

  • Fast support

    The plugin work fantastic and with a very efficient the support . Thumb up!

  • Very powerful and flexible plugin! Excellent support!

    This plugin is great. Super easy to use out of the box and very flexible / extendable with custom filters, custom fields, and advanced options within the module. The documentation is thorough and helpful. I will definitely be using this on many projects to come.

    Bonus: the support has been excellent! Super responsive, willing to help, and even provide extended support for Advanced Custom Fields. I highly recommend!

  • One of my favorites

    Easy and versatile plugin that makes it simple to create grids, filters. There is a lot of settings that makes it really customizable.

  • Very thankful to the DiviPlugins Team

    Again very thankful for helping me solve some custom adjustments 👍

  • Vraiment super !

    Je suis ravie de ce plugin ! Intégralement personnalisable, pour tout type de post, articles, pages, projets et surtout produits…

  • Divi FilterGrid is a "go-to" plugin for any Divi website

    Easy to use, extremely flexible, and incredible support. An essential tool for bringing in content from other post types. I can’t say enough about FilterGrid or Divi Plugins. They produce incredibly useful tools and go out of their way to help you. Thank you!!!

  • Divi FilterGrid is just great. Highly customizable and backed by technical support that will never let you down.

    Thanks to the DFG Custom Content option, combined with Custom fields (ACF), I have been able to create my own custom template, which in DIVI and without the help of this plugin, would’t have been possible.

    But what stands out above all is the high technical knowledge of the support team. Alex, has had a lot of patience in helping me solve each of the doubts I have had, thank you very much!

    DFG is one of the most profitable extensions that I acquired to complete the functionally of the DIVI Theme.

  • Excellent ! Un plugin DIVI à avoir.

    Ce plugin est excellent ! J’ai acheté la licence de base pour tester. Et quelques jours après j’étais convaincu : Divi FilterGrid va maintenant faire partie de ma short list de plugins indispensables pour DIVI.

  • Works perfectly!

    Great plugin with even more functionality than I anticipated. Easy to use. Prompt and helpful support. Highly recommended.

  • Just what I needed

    This plugin is just what I needed, and I got it the layout and design to gel with my website without a hassle. Support was great too when I needed to fix a glitch. Thanks guys!

  • Brilliant plugin - works so well, so many useful options

    I bought a bundle, mainly to get access to the Divi Filtergrid plugin, but useful to have the others too such as the Owl Carousel.

    Divi FilterGrid has proved super useful for my project and in the long term will save me tons of time. I had been creating person modules and individually linking them to the main profile page of each person. If I wanted to update these I would have to go to each page and edit each person module manually.

    With Divi Filter Grid I only have to edit one project page and all the places where I have divi filter grid operating are automatically updated.

    And the options are really very useful – so many – so that I can make my portfolio grid look exactly how I like it. It works very well and with the Divi Builder. Great work. Recommended plugin!

  • Great customer support!

    Great plugin and great customer support! Brad is amazing. He helped me in setting up the plugin to achieve what I wanted. Highly recommended! Thank you.

  • Easy to use and fantastic plugin

    Thanks again to the dev team for the great work. Also, the support is very reactive and gave me the opportunity to solve small issues very easily.

    I put it on each of my project to filter blog post, projects, etc…

    You can buy it without hesitation !

  • Awesome Support! Great Plugin!

    Though I’ve had my some user error issues with some of the complex things I’m using the plugin for, the team has been EXCELLENT and responsive helping me sort out my configuration problems. A+ For customer support! This plugin is a huge time savings for me and my customer.

    The filter grid options have really upgraded our non profit listings and provided the ability to search as well. We even use the filters to separate by city. Huge props to the team for making such a great plugin!

  • Perfect support and one of the best plugins

    I use this plugin in really special cases and Brad helped me customize the settings for it with his magic code.
    I am incredibly happy to use this plugin and get support very fast.
    Thank you!!!!

  • Terrible

    I am very disappointed with the Divi Filtergrid Plugin.
    I find it quite unstable and the documentation is not that helpful.

    I will probably be asking for a refund if I can’t get more satisfaction from it in the next few days

    • Hi Gan. I searched our emails and support tickets but do not see where you reached out for help. If you have any questions or issues, I would highly recommend creating a support ticket and we would be happy to help you – If you would prefer to have a refund, please let us know and I can process that for you right away. If you could just let us know through support or email what issue you’re having so we can try to replicate and fix it, we would really appreciate it. Thanks!

      • Well Brad I did draw your attention to this problem after posting my review here. I received a rapid response which I appreciate.

        In your response you indicated that I was not the only customer to have encountered the problem I had with DFG. The problem is known to you and you are trying to fix it.

        I tried both the remedies you suggested but neither solved the problem.

        As I indicated in my response to the ticket, I think you should be warning potential and current customers of known bugs in your products – I wasted 4 days trying to fix this problem, blaming myself for being too dumb to fix it myself, and only found out after opening the ticket there is this bug in DFG which so far nobody has been able to fix.
        DFG has been quite a disappointing experience for me

  • A must have for all Divi Developers

    Absolutely fantastic plugin. It really lifts the capabilities of Divi to a new Dimension. Together with the module builder, the ACF Plugin and some custom post types, only your imagination is the limit when it comes to building custom websites.
    With this plugin you can easily customize everything.

    If you like the flexibility that divi gives you, you WILL LOVE this plugin. And the support is also excellent.

  • Great plugin and awesome support

    I finally found a plugin that could filter my WooCommerce shop page using my product categories in an intuitive way – smoothly on one page. But I ran into a little problem with linking each product to the same product in my Etsy shop. But the support team were amazing and sorted out custom queries to do this for me – and they did it very quickly.
    Now I have a plugin I can use to filter my blog post and my project galleries – what a great deal. Buy this plugin – you won’t be disappointed.

  • Perfect Plugin

    I have a travel blog with numerous trips that sometimes go to the same places on different dates. This plugin allows me to let people easily search and drill down on my posts by region, then country then city,

    I had a question and needed a minor tweak. Fast support – really well done,

  • Awesome Plugins and great support

    Highly customizable and useful plugins – tons of features, thought-through and well documented. But the highlight is the first class support: just reported a bug – fix released in less than 24 hours. Amazing!

    Thank you for doing such an excellent job!

  • Amazing plugin with amazing support !

    I use this plugin in many cases and the settings are so well developped taht I can do and filter all my content in the way I want.

    So far it is one of the best product I bought to create websites. Never been disappointed. Always surprised !

    The support is awesome, they are really kind and help far beyond any expectations…So you can buy it eyes closed …

  • Powerful grid module and great support

    The plugin offers a wide range of functionalities by which you can easily customize your divi grid. Furthermore you can count on a reliable and friendly support who helps you managing your “grid project” also with individual solutions and custom css.

  • The ONLY Way to Display Custom Post Types with Video by Category in DIVI

    A great, detailed and functional plugin that solves a huge problem with Divi. While you can display Custom Post Types using Divi’s Blog Module, there is no way built into Divi that allows for displaying the posts based on Category or other queries. This plugin solved the problem – and then some!

    Anyone using this on a WP-Engine Dev or Staging site – just make sure to use the https:// version of the page url, or it might seem like the plugin doesn’t work. Otherwise, a great plugin.

  • Great product and support

    So far, I am really impressed and excited by the functionality and customizability of this plugin. I have been trying to find a plugin that can display custom post types in very specific ways and it’s been surprisingly difficult, and this seems to have all the capabilities I need. I am not very knowledgeable about PHP code or anything technical but the support has been fantastic. Poor Brad has put up with my million questions and has patiently helped me every step of the way by creating custom php code and instructing me on how to employ it so the module will display what I want. I have been using it to display specific event categories on different pages of our site, organized by event date (not post creation date which you think would be the default…), and with the event date and time information showing. All this required custom PHP code which I never would have been able to figure out on my own. Definitely worth the money! I also like how the search function, filterable categories, pagination are built right into the module and you can turn them on or off.

  • Exactly What I Need!

    Divi FilterGrid is exactly what I needed to bring my photography portfolio website come to life! I was looking for an option to have an image other than the “featured image” to be the one that would display in the gallery, and the custom features of the FilterGrid allow for that to happen! Super easy to use and support is AMAZING!

  • An incredibly useful and powerful plugin

    I don’t remember how I ended up on the Divi Plugins page, but I am so happy that I found it. The FilterGrid plugin features were just what I needed for displaying blogs on my sites. The Divi Blog module just doesn’t provide all that I wanted, but the FilterGrid plugin did. So, I purchased it and am so glad that I did. It is wonderful, easy to use, and feature-rich.

    Not only that, the support is incredible. They resolved my issues quickly. My issues were self-inflicted when I accidentally typed an extra character in my email address when purchasing.

    I highly recommend FilterGrid for anyone wanting to go beyond Divi’s blog module and really shine.

  • A Great Mistake for a Staggeringly Brilliant Result

    It all started with an incorrect search term entered into Google, and the topmost result brought me to this plugin. OK, so not the product I was initially searching for…but I was blown away by the listed features. It has EXACTLY the product features and functionality for which I’d been searching for well over a year.

    This has now replaced the Divi Blog module on my website; and it’s precisely what Elegant Themes should have provided in the first place.

    To the developers – outstanding work. In short, a staggeringly brilliant product!

  • Solid plugin!

    I needed to replace an old Divi blog plugin that I was using which was abandoned by the author and incompatible with new versions of Divi. Grabbed this plugin and replaced almost the entire look and feel within a couple of hours. Very impressive!

  • great plugin!

    Very fast support! Great! 🙂

  • endless possibilities, responsive support

    This is one of the best external Divi modules you can get. It is extremely customisable both in terms of what your filters show AND how it looks. Very versatile. It takes some learning to get it to do what you want it to do, but that’s well invested time. Once you’ve got it figured out it seems pretty easy. Paired with a few added taxonomies the possibilities are endless. Unbeatable value.

  • Exactly what I needed

    I’m very happy with Divi Filtergrid because it does what it is exactly intended for, and even more.

    I had to implement a video gallery with project type post (or custom post, just not to mess with usual post categories), but there was no way for projects to show the video as featured image, even with a code by Elegant Themes to select the type of post for the project. So I decided to go with regular post and a filter, and that was my reason to buy Divi Filtergrid.

    And then trying the plugin not only it gets a beautiful and customizable filter for every type of post, it also gets the video in projects to show properly like a featured image: allowing to create your own video gallery in a beautiful style and with a lot of incredible options.

    Amazing great for me and of course totally recomended.

  • Impressive plugin built right

    I’m usually weary of purchasing third-party Divi plugins. There’s a lot out there that aren’t built correctly, don’t get updated with the latest versions of Divi, etc.. I’m beyond impressed with this plugin. The options and features are beyond what ET would provide. Amazing support too!

  • Very useful and customizable

    very responsive and efficient support

  • Fantástico el Plugin

    Se adapta muy bien el plugin al sitio donde lo he instalado y tiene multitud de opciones, y muchas personalizables.
    Y lo mejor de todo, el servicio de soporte que facilita mucho ayudando a solventar las dudas que te pueden surgir.
    Lo recomiendo al 100%.

  • Good plugin and better support

    The plugin complies with what is described and has multiple configurations that allow you to adapt it to your needs. The best thing is the support, they have been concerned to solve a problem caused by another plugin. Very satisfied

  • They've thought of everything!

    I’m not generally one to spout praise (I’m British after all!) but Divi FilterGrid is absolutely amazing! If you’ve ever had the experience of buying a plugin only to find out that it doesn’t QUITE do the thing that you wanted to use it for, you’re in for a real treat with DiviGrid. The developers seem to have thought of absolutely everything and it’s so, so flexible.

    For me, this plugin is the main reason that I’m using Divi instead of Elementor at it gives me so much control over how I display my content. Support is also excellent. Well done!

  • Great plugin and amazing support

    This is an awesome alternative plugin for Divi’s built in Blog module. It has way more customization than the Blog module and the AJAX filters are great!
    The best part is the outstanding support. They helped with adjusting the code to fit exactly what I needed. Thanks!

  • Brilliant plugin

    I am extremely impressed with the breadth of functionality and options within this plugin. It extends what is possible with Divi and creates an easy-to-use option for both standard and custom post types.

    Every question I had was answered quickly and professionally by the team.

    Definitely a must-have for sites built with Divi.

  • Best Divi Developers I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

    I have purchased many divi plug-ins and when there’s a problem it always ends the same. I get told that “something” (they don’t even say what) is conflicting and I need to find out what it is and contact the developer of that plug-in for them to fix it. Leaving me pulling my hair out trying to find what plug-in may be conflicting, what CSS class is being overridden or any other of a 1000 things…instead of working on my clients website.

    DP, however, is 100% opposite. I’ve had a few issues and each time they have responded quickly, told me EXACTLY what was going on, if it was a plug-in(s) conflict they told me which plug-in(s) were conflicting and to make things even better they GAVE me a solution. I had an issue with Filtergrid, I wanted to pull categories from my media library where I was using another plug-in to add categories to my photo’s, essentially I wanted to use Filtergrid as a really nice gallery. The individual (I apologize I don’t remember his/her name) replied, told me exactly what needed to be done, said they would take care of it for me if I gave them access….I gave them access….they set it up, wrote some extra code JUST for it to handle this one special task…explained to me exactly what they did, why they did and what they used…ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Never has another developer went so above and beyond.

    Do I recommend DP? HECK YEAH I DO! You want quality plug-ins an the best support you’ll ever see from any developer? Go with DP, heck, purchase their lifetime package…trust me…you WON’T regret it!

  • Outstanding product and support

    This module and in fact all of the modules from this module seller are brilliant. They are exactly what divi was missing. And then they are backed up by awesome support on top of it all. just go buy it, you won’t be sorry.

  • Features and support

    OK the plugin perfectly does the job and more, and everything that has been said, it’s simple and efficient for displaying whatever post and cp you want.
    But more, the support behind is a real support, no joke, they just reply fast and accurate, solve your problem, and that’s it, just as simple as this.
    Really, it’s just a perfect job, from the start to the end 😉
    thanks !

  • A Must Have!

    I struggled to find a plugin that allowed me to display Toolset data in Divi and nothing worked. Then I found Divi Filtergrid and not only worked, it worked amazingly well!
    Divi Filtergrid gave me the flexibility to display the data I needed in the way I wanted! I now consider this plugin a Must Have for every DIVI site!

  • Great plugin! A must have for any Divi site

    This plugin is a perfect fit for any Divi site that wants a grid with posts. It has all the features you can wish for and looks really good straight out of the box. With the latest update to ensure perfect SEO – the plugin is complete. Great support too!

  • This plugin is great!

    So much options! It has saved me a ton of work. Filtering posts on a grid is exactly what I needed but when you see all the extra options it has it makes it a worth while purchase.

  • Excellent plugin for Custom Post Types and Multiple Taxonomies

    My site uses Custom Post Types and various combinations of taxonomies and terms, especially important given that the vast majority of my site is user-submitted content.
    I haven’t found any other plugin that handles my requirements at all, let alone how easy it is to use this plugin. I am able to create pages that exclude items based on certain taxonomy terms, allowing me to have different pages for each type of taxonomy. I was also able to customize the author page as well using the same setup.
    The AND/OR settings, the ability for users to make filtering choices, the very nice layouts, and the other features really make this plugin stand out. It fills a very specific, but very important need, and the cost makes it a very easy decision.

    • Just wanted to add a follow-up. As I am starting to use FilterGrid in even more areas, I ran into a complicated problem that required multiple queries to achieve an important filter and display. Brad’s support in developing the function, and FilterGrid’s excellent Custom Query capability, made a filter that works and looks great that I believe would be difficult if not impossible to create in any other plugin. I would have spent far more cost and time to develop such a filter, if even possible, than a lifetime subscription. Cannot recommend this plugin enough.

  • Fantastic Customer Service

    On top of the plugin doing exactly what we need, the customer support is knowledgable and fast to respond. Will definitely be using this plugin again for future projects!

  • Great plugin!

    I needed to do something the divi filterable-portfolio wasn’t able to do.
    Query and filter by a subset of categories for projects, different on a lot of pages.
    Because FilterGrid makes the hierarchy of categories visible (other than divi!) this was quite easy.
    I could have also used custom queries to write my own filters but that wasn’t even necessary.

    Now I am struggling to align the “read more” buttons to the bottom of projects with different excerpt heights … but I’m sure I will find out ,-)

  • Great support

    The plugin itself is powerful and flexible. And for special cases where the standard settings are not enough, the support provided a helpful workaround. Thanks a lot!

  • Useful plugin with helpful, fast support

    I was uncertain before purchase. The support helped a lot before and after purchase as well, took their time to answer my detailed questions, and investigate my problem with the settings.

    Their responses always were quick, helpful, and thorough.

    I recommend if you need a useful and aesthetic filter plugin for the Divi theme.

  • Powerful, flexible plugin and excellent support!

    I love this plugin so much that after using it on one site I immediately upgraded to the Lifetime Unlimited license. It is so flexible and powerful that I’ve been able to adapt it for use in various applications for totally different client projects. And, as a designer first and foremost, I love that I can customize every aspect of the design easily. When I’ve run into a couple questions, the support team has responded quickly and answered my questions with ease. Highly recommend – a smart investment! 🙂

  • Lots of features, very flexible and a must-have

    I’ve used Divi Filter Grid on 3 websites already and it has been great! It is very flexible, the custom queries help displaying whatever you want, I even managed to create custom events post type and display only upcoming ones. With a little help from the great and quick support I have to say 🙂 A must-have for Divi users!

  • Un must-have

    Un plugin génial 🙂 !

    Il apporte tout ce que le module blog (ou portfolio) n’est pas capable de nous fournir ! Tri des articles, affichage de n’importe quel CPT, destination du lien, choix de la taille d’image à utiliser, insertion de champs personnalisés, etc.
    Et que dire du support… Il est exceptionnel, réactif et attentif à toutes nos requêtes.
    J’ai acheté avec bonheur la licence illimitée (et à vie) de cette extension qui a rejoint ma très courte liste d’extensions indispensables :).

    Achetez-la les yeux fermés !!

  • Divi: A long way to go

    Divi is on the right track but has a long way to go. Meanwhile Divi FilterGrid has solved a big problem for me: using filters to show items. This is the beginning. I want more: to put side filters, to be able to list items … but it is a beginning. Please develop more for the ones we didn’t develop. We need you!

    • Thanks Albert! We actually have a Left Vertical Filters skin and a List layout option. You can find these at the top of the Design tab in the Layout Options section. If you run into any issues implementing these, please create a support ticket and we would be happy to help you set them up –

  • Crazy Whacko Client Idea - Who Died & Left Them in Charge?!

    Shouldn’t we developers be the final word on what a website needs and how we choose to display content? Sheesh, a blog is a blog after all – but nooooooo! Crazy whack-job client wants it this way, then that way. Every new client comes up with a crazy new way to present ye olde blog. Instead of going bat-$hit crazy, I now employ Divi Filter Grid. Crazy client design dreams & content presentation hallucinations are solved with this Swiss army knife of a plugin. If you look at all the demos here of what it can do, know that I have a site somewhere doing exactly that. My hat is off to the developers of this amazing plugin. BTW, I’m only going to give it four stars because I don’t like the font used on the title of this page – NOT! No way in hell I’m going to be a nutty as my clients. (Shhhh, don’t tell them I said that)

  • Cool concept but disappointed

    I was looking forward to this plugin because it is designed to work smoothly with Divi and has cool features, however, “Divi” Filter Grid did NOT “Filter” with Divi theme.

    From tech support: “Unfortunately the Divi 4.5.1 bug was completely out of our control which is frustrating.”

    Hopefully, it will work with the next upgrade, however, I had immediate needs and went with another filter grid plugin that works.

    • Thank you for your review Michael. However, it seems extremely unfair to leave a 1 star review for something that was 100% out of our control. Also, Elegant Themes released Divi 4.5.2 ten days ago with a fix and the module is now working perfectly fine in the Visual Builder again.

  • Great plugin

    Great plugin! I have a question about filtering… Instead of filtering by categories and tags, can you filter by category and authors?

    • Thanks Deanna! Currently filters are limited to taxonomies. However, we do have plans to add support for filtering by author. As a workaround, you could tag each post with the author name or add a new “author” taxonomy and then filter by one of those. Stay tuned for filter by author support!

  • Excellent Plug-In, Excellent Support

    I love this plug in! Support was so helpful and responsive as I modified it slightly for my site.
    Thank you!

  • AMAZING support

    This is an excellent product, but the support makes it even better. If you’ve ever attempted to use a plugin and got stuck trying to adapt it to your specific need, and got so frustrated you switched to a different plugin… this was the exact opposite. Their support team provided TONS of awesome insights to make this plugin do EXACTLY what I hoped for in a new project. Thank you, Brad!

  • Brilliant plugin

    Fantastic – loaded and within a few clicks everything was working as I needed. Really good – highly recommended.

  • Fantastic plugin - fantastic support

    This is a fantastic plugin and is a must for your Divi toolbox. Having been a user of Portfolio Posts Pro since 2017 I had no hesitation in going for the additional features Divi FilterGrid offered as I knew it would not disappoint. Being able to easily customise so many elements is fantastic and having made a recent feature request which has been added to the plugin, what more could you ask for!

    The quality and functionality of their plugins together with the phenomenal support make it a joy to work with Divi Plugins. Would totally recommend without hesitation.

  • Only $19! - Excellent Plugin!!!!

    WTH!!! Best damn plugin ever! Easy to use and opens up many options for my site design…

  • Fantastic Plugin!

    This is a great plugin! I love the fact that you can use it with custom post types and custom fields. The plugin is very versatile and very customizable. It enabled me to even change the order of elements as title, meta and content exactly the way i wanted.

    And the support from Divi Plugins is the best and fastest i ever had from a plugin builder!

  • Essential to bring out the power of Divi Blogs

    Oh, what pleasure it is to find a rock-solid and well-supported add on that turns a good idea by Divi into what it should have been in the first place. This has more intelligent ways to define what you want to display in blogs and projects (the two I’ve used personally). I needed some help getting going because my brain wasn’t big enough to wrap itself around the need for the filter.
    I asked for help and instant response with a very clear and understandable answer. Kudos.
    Get it. You’ll absolutely love it.

  • Amazing support

    The plugin does its work perfectly, but for me the most important thing is the support: they solve all my questions going farther than they should… Thanks a lot!

  • Very customizable and useful plugin!

    Since I’ve been working with Divi Filtergrid, I’m really appreciating all of the customization you’ve built into it. It’s fantastic! I’ve been looking so long for something that does all of this – custom fields, changing the amounts of columns based on device, all of the css options. Super great. I’m looking forward to figuring out the other modules as well. Thanks for your work!

  • Amazing Plugin / Outstanding Support

    The plugin is as described a comes with many features. I use it in order to showcase my products in a elegant way. I even wanted to customize the plugin and design of the outcome for and got suprised by the fast and professional support of DIVI PLUGINS. Thumbs up!

  • Exactly what I was looking for

    This allows me to filter all posts on my DIVI site very easily, and with the ability to further customize via CSS, I’ve been able to tweak this to do exactly what I wanted it to do.

    The support from the developer has also been superb, as I encountered a few areas I needed help with. They have been very responsive and helpful.

    Extremely pleased with this plugin — will be looking at their other plugins for potential use as well.

  • Great support!

    At first, I found the plugin to be lacking in documentation and/or options. I’d like to see a guide on how to create your own custom skins through a child theme.

    I reached out to support and received stellar help. Not only did support go over the basics of the code, they even offered to configure the plugin for me. An agent logged-in to my website and setup the css to configure the grid exactly as I wanted.

    I wish all tech support was like this!

  • Works great, great support

    This plugin did exactly what I needed, and Brad provided outstanding support – including custom code suggestions – to help me achieve exactly what I needed. Highly recommended!

  • The best plugin I've never use for DIVI

    Amazing plugin with a perfect integration with DIVI, lots customize options and very fluid working.

    Perfect when work with multiple custom post types and custom fields.

  • View problem

    Hi! I have problems with displaying the plugin on my site.магазины/
    on this page. If you open the Shoes portfolio category, the items will not be displayed correctly. More precisely the display style is broken in those categories where there are few objects

    • Hi Maxim. I received your support ticket and responded with a solution. Please respond to that ticket. Thanks!

  • Great support

    Needed some adjustments to the plugin, and Brad and team responded very quickly and efficiently, and now we have a very flexible version 1.3 out there! Great support!

  • A great plugin with great support

    I have tried many options for flexible blog display and The Divi Filtergrid fills this peculiar gaps in Divi’s functionality perfectly. Once installed it appears and acts like any other Divi module and works as expected with load of options. Perfectly responsive, too. When needing support I found it quick, detailed and extremely helpful in every sense.
    And it’s a bargain.

  • Just what I needed

    Divi Filtergrid allows me to create blog modules that each have their own filtergrid which is keyed to categories. This way, I can build a single page for a course and include blog sections that pertain to a single topic with multiple sub-topics (the categories).

    This is fully stylable in Divi both in back and front-end modes and works perfectly.

    Highly recommend.

    Stop messing around with the weak blog module that comes with Divi and get this for $19.00

  • Best Plugin with rich Functions

    Yes, if you want to expand Divi to better Modules:
    the plugin expands divi with well usable features and incredibly well thought out details. Just install and you’re off. No line of code is necessary! best regards – alex

  • The BEST gallery plugin for Divi. Period.

    Wow. Just wow. This plugin has everything I needed and then some, very customizable and works great. Not to mention amazing support — I had a very specific need to display images, video, and audio in a popup gallery, and their support staff (Carlos) worked through this with me patiently and supplied CSS and a custom function to make this all play nicely together. I can’t recommend this plugin, and Divi Plugins’ support, highly enough.

  • Fantastic module! Finally I can customize the post lists the way I want

    Finally the perfect alternative to the default post and custom post type listing. It comes with lots of customization options and you can now really adapt the list item to your needs. Very recommendable!

  • Fantastic plugin

    Divi FilterGrid is everything the built-in Divi post module should be and more. It expands the functionality to display custom post types, which is huge for our web team, and offers a variety of extra query and styling options that make it much more user-friendly for our clients.

  • Perfect! saved me tons and tons of work

    Love the custom query option!! I was able to make grids using a custom taxonomy, and to highly customize styling just from within the module. This plugin saved me tons and tons of work it would have taken to make a custom blog module for Divi. And support is excellent! -really helped flesh out what all is possible with styling.

  • Fantastic plugin

    Well done on creating a fantastic plugin…. Expands Divi’s blog functionality providing more options, compatibility with the visual builder, plus easy to set up and use.
    First class support too.

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