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Owl Carousel Pro

The Owl Carousel Pro plugin adds four new carousel modules to the Divi Builder. Load posts, any custom post type or choose images from your library to load in a standard or fullwidth section. The plugin includes many great options to customize how the carousel and images are displayed.

Current version - 2.4.2
Last updated - 3-14-2024
* Requires Divi 3.1 or higher

† All licenses include 1 year access to support and updates. Lifetime license includes lifetime access to support and updates.


The pro version of the Owl Carousel plugin offers these great features:

  • Display Custom Post Types in addition to posts
  • Open images in lightbox instead of linking to the post
  • Display custom fields from each post
  • Change the size of the displayed image
  • Change the # of images displayed at one time for different screen sizes: desktop, tablet, phone

If you experience any bugs, please relay them to me in the comments on the Documentation and Demo page or via email. Thank you!

* The plugin has been tested and is compatible with Divi 2.4 and later


Your license key can be accessed by logging into your account after purchase. Support and updates available for 1 year with standard license and lifetime with lifetime license. Unlimited installs on sites owned or developed by you.


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  • Didn't do what i needed sadly

    Rating for support which is excellent.
    Bought by mistake as i thought it would do custom image track. I think it is confused with owl.carousel.js from github
    No refunds unfortunately. I used a built-in divi solution in the end.

    • Hi Clare! I just responded to your support ticket and refunded your purchase. I apologize for the late reply. Monday was a major holiday here. Owl Carousel Pro is based on the same js library you mentioned but with an interface for the Divi page builder. Sorry we were not able to make it work with your situation and again for the delay in the refund. Glad to hear you found another solution!

  • Does exactly what it says it does

    Worked perfectly to get custom post type content into a Divi-friendly slider with the dp_ocp_custom_content() hook. The only tool I found for this purpose. If there was a way to be able to use it easily with different custom post types instead of just one, it would be perfect.

  • Perfect - in all aspects!

    Perfect plugin! The functionality is great, the possibilities are many and the support is super fast and very helpful and friendly!

  • Versatile plugin with solid support

    I cannot rate Divi Plugins highly enough.

    Not only is the plugin incredibly versatile with a ton of options, you should be very reassured that if you ever need help, the support you will receive is second to none.

    I had an issue with a particular use case and the support was on point.

    They do an amazing job creating quality plugins and back it up with quality support. Don’t hesitate, buy it.

  • Support perfect

    We had a problem, open a ticket, fast answer and solution, thanks for all! Stay safe!

  • Been using for years now, it's great

    I recently just purchased the lifetime, because I’ll be using it for many years with multiple clients. This plugin can do so much and never had any problems with bugs. My favorite carousel, and I’ve tried a few!

  • Great Plugin with really powerfull settings

    I really loved your plugin from day one, it helped me a lot with a design that had the need of multiple carousels in a page loading products. I made that in some minutes with no issues and frustration.

  • A great plugin and a huge time saver

    I spent hours trying to build a carousel slider with Divi and Toolset and eventually I thought maybe someone has a plugin for this…

    and voila I found the Owl Carousel Pro plugin which works perfectly with my Toolset custom post types and fields and has definitely saved me many hours of work.

    I love how everything has been thought of and it all works so easily, there was no need for any documentation or support

    I hope this plugin will be supported for many years to come

    I’m very grateful and I highly recommend this plugin

  • Fantastic

    J’ai cherché longtemps un plugin aussi polyvalent !
    I looked for a long time for such a versatile plugin to create a carousel with Divi. The Elegant theme plugin is too basic and a lot of other plugins don’t work with posts let alone with custom post types like “projects” … this one is really complete and the online help is great.

  • Awesome plugin

    It’s a great carousel plugin that’s highly customizable and very responsive. Excellent support!

  • Worked perfectly

    I looked around a lot for a carousel plugin that would work well out-of-the-box with all of my custom posts & standard posts. After trying a few I came across Owl Carousel Pro which did everything I needed (and more).

    The number of options to both select and display posts is amazing and the team was very helpful with getting everything setup exactly how I needed.

    I highly recommend the product and will be using it more moving forward.

  • Perfect for magazine styles, but I'm missing some options ...

    Very mighty options to filter, sort and embed custom post types in a carousel. You don’t have to type the post types, categories etc. – you click them in a list. Would be great if that worke with custom field names too (e.g. if you work with The Event Calendar).
    And an option to place e.g. the post title with an overlay inside the featured image would be great (as in the Divi Post Slider Module).

  • Outstanding Support

    Not only does the plugin add excellent functionality to Divi, but the support is also outstanding. Responses were quick (often within a few hours), clear and helpful. Thanks very much.

  • Awesome Plugin

    This Pro version is great. Saved me a ton of time, wish I’d found it earlier. Support is really good too. I was able to add custom post types to save a ton of programming time.

  • Great plugin and great support

    I am using The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe and while this plugin is pretty good, for reasons unknown it doesn’t have a very common and useful functionality like displaying upcoming events in carousel (or slider for that matter). So after some digging around I found this excellent plugin that filled that void. It worked almost perfectly. But I had to contact the support to configure it just the right way ( had to turn off the date and use custom field _EventStartDate). Carlos went the extra mile to make sure I have the right configuration in place. Thanks guys!

    • I have used this plugin for one LMS site and it worked great, but am considering purchasing another license to pull in events from Webnus’s Modern Event Calendar plugin (Modern Tribe’s plugin left much to be desired IMO).

      I’m wondering if this plugin works to display recurring events? My recurring event is all managed via one single CPT (Event) and each occurrence of it is given a parameter that basically uses all of the same info, but sets the date of that occurrence/event as the default option within the booking form. I’m wondering if there would be a way for me to get each of those occurrences to feed into the plugin and be filterable, as if they were each their own unique event?

  • Worked Well & Set Up Within 5 Minutes

    Bought this plugin, uploaded it to my site, activated it, added it to a row on the home page and in less than 5 minutes had a nice image carousel running. Perfect. I love Owl Carousel, so this was perfect for me. Can’t believe the Divi Builder doesn’t come with a carousel… what an oversight. Thanks for correcting it!

    However, could you please update this plugin to work with the Divi Builder preview?

    Message from Divi:
    This third party module is not fully compatible with the latest version of the Divi Builder. You can still edit the module, but a preview will not be rendered in the builder. You can contact the developer of the module to encourage them to update it.

    • Thanks Jason! Now that 3.1 is released along with the developer API, we are in the process of updating all of our plugins so they are compatible with the Visual Builder and live preview. Elegant Themes needs to update the API before we can move forward, but we are ready!

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