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Divi Module Builder

The Divi Module Builder gives you the ability to easily create and add custom modules to the Divi Builder. From simple HTML and CSS modules to complex modules with custom PHP and Javascript, the possibilities are endless!

Current version - 2.4.4
Last updated - 10-10-2023
* Requires Divi 3.1 or higher

† All licenses include 1 year access to support and updates. Lifetime license includes lifetime access to support and updates.


The Divi Module Builder opens up a whole new realm of possibilities within the Divi theme. Tired of using shortcodes? Wish there were more modules to choose from in the Divi Builder? Looking for an easy way to create your own custom modules for yourself or your clients? Look no further.

Installing the Divi Module Builder on your site gives you the ability to create new modules and then use those modules on the same site or any Divi site that also has the Divi Module Builder installed. Exporting and importing modules is as easy as exporting layouts. Custom modules are exported as a json file that is then imported into the other site. Keep in mind that the single site license only provides updates and support for one site. If you intend to create modules for multiple sites, the unlimited site license is valid for ALL sites that you install the plugin on.

Divi Module Builder Features:

  • Easily create your own custom modules in just a few minutes
  • New modules instantly become available within the Divi Builder
  • Modules are compatible with the Visual Builder
  • Add multiple field types that can be customized within the created module
  • Add HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript to your modules
  • Import and Export your modules to other sites


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21 reviews
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  • Divi customizing must have

    Next 5-star rating, what else? Absolutely great for implementing anything imaginable into your existing Divi workflow, with a very quick response to my support request.

  • Great way to extand Divis module library

    The possibility to easily create own Divi modules is a great help when building a webiste, that needs some extra features. The module builder just lets you create nearly whatever module you need. And the support is fast and accurate!

  • Divi Module Builder gives me the freedom to customize Divi sites

    I have been using the Divi Module Builder for over a year on several Divi sites. It gives me the freedom to build expanded functions and features tailored to client goals.

    I also use the Divi Module Builder with the Divi FilterGrid (and Advanced Custom Fields plugin) to create customized blog post grids whether it is with the standard WP post or a custom post type.

    The possibilities are endless and I recommend this plugin for anyone who uses Divi.

  • Best Plugin vor Divi

    I am a big fan of Module Builder.
    Am a PHP beginner and have built all of my own so far. Ideal also to build yourself ACF modules (database applications). But the documentation is a bit outdated and also not up to date. You have the Module Builder now very extended and I as a PHP beginner think there should be examples of the new functions !

    But otherwise 10 stars !

  • Best Divi Plugin Ever!

    I followed a course a few years back on how to make a Divi module, and it’s pretty hard and very extensive work.
    With the knowledge of that course I know that making this plugin wasn’t easy.

    Thanks to this plugin, I’ve now made 50 modules and counting that precisely fit my and my company’s needs.

    Once you see what you’re able to do with this plugin and you get the hang of it, you’ll never need to buy another plugin again, and that’s the truth!
    Whenever I see something new and cool on a website, I’ll just make a module for it. Or when Divi’s modules are to limited, and they mostly are, I just make the same module, but better!

    Thanks for the hard work you guys and also for the great support!

    My best regards,


  • Support

    Did I mention the support is top notch?

  • Amazing!

    I just built my first module, to pull cpt-content (textfragments) into a Divi-page. Users do not have to edit pages anymore just to change text on the page. The can edit the cpt instead.
    It was not that difficult, and it works flawless!
    Thanks Brad!

  • Amazing solution for new divi module developers

    It’s amazingly easy how to create divi module with this plugin. If you already have experience at the WordPress backend ( creating shortcode, small functions scripts and so on) this plugin will let you easily create any custom need for your client or even more, to be the first step on you creating and selling your own plugin.

    Excellent solution. Thank you Divi plugins.

  • Do you know what this plugin can do for you?

    What’s up party people,

    If you’re looking for Module or Plugin Builder, then this is the right place for you. There’s a ton of code out there, and this plugin is right for you. No doubt and highly recommended.

    If you have ideas but have no programming skill, Brad is there for you. Good customer service and sincere, that’s what we want.

    Thanks Brad and stay safe dude…lol 😛

  • I am really excited!

    Ich bin jetzt seit Jahren mit Divi unterwegs und stoße immer wieder auf Hindernisse, weil es kein entsprechendes Modul zu kaufen gibt, oder es einfach nicht die eine Funktion erfüllt, die ich aber für mein Projekt benötige. Gerade was Custom Fields angeht, kann man sich manchmal echt wund suchen.
    Was soll ich groß erzählen – Brad hat es einfach drauf. Ich bin wirklich sehr begeistert von seinen Fähigkeiten, dem professionellen Support und auch von der Freundlichkeit. Danke Jungs, ich komme wieder.

    I’ve been on the road with Divi for years now and keep running into obstacles because there is no corresponding module to buy, or because it simply doesn’t fulfill the one function that I need for my project. When it comes to custom fields, you can sometimes find yourself looking really sore.
    What should I tell you big – Brad can do it. I am really very enthusiastic about his skills, the professional support and also the friendliness. Thanks guys, I’ll be back.

  • Fantastic support!

    Powerful plug-in and fantastic support!!

  • Divi Module Builder is a MUST have tool for custom layouts from custom fields

    Looking for a way to output a custom layout with content from custom fields? Divi Module Builder is the perfect tool.

    I had custom fields created in Toolset, including repeatable and relationship fields, and with the help of the fantastic Divi Plugin support team was able to create modules to bring in that content via Divi Module Builder.

    Great plugin with over-the-top flexibility so you can create whatever it is that you need.

  • One of the best plugins I have ever used

    I’ve been wanting to make Divi Plugins for a while, but as I’ve gotten older now I just don’t have the time or desire to jump in and learn what I need to to make a plug in work. 38 years ago when I started programming I’d have done it without a thought…but not today…call me set in my ways if you will.

    Along comes a hero though, the Divi Plugin Module Creator. Now suddenly I don’t need to worry about the in’s and outs of Divi itself or wordpress or anything else. I can get down and code with PHP, Java, etc., the things I already know my way around. And then, I have a beautifully working plugin that’s advance and made EXACTLY the way I want it and the best part is, it works flawlessly in Divi. I had to do no extra coding for Divi, it just worked, with my code, exactly as you’d think it should.

    I can’t recommend this enough, if you’re like me…older and just don’t want to learn how to create a plugin but you’re well versed in stuff like PHP, Java/jQuery, CSS, HTML, etc. and you want to make something great for Divi…then definitely get this plug in! And it’s not enough that the plugin and coding is GREAT oh all of DP’s stuff…but they have some of the most helpful and friendly support people you will ever meet. I’m sure we’ve all been in that situation, something not working like it should or something in a support document doesn’t make sense and you go to the support team….they’re vague, give you generic answers and when that doesn’t fix you problem either tell you there’s nothing further they can do or ignore you. Not with DP. They work with you, give you REAL answers…offer real solutions and if those don’t work…they don’t leave you…they work with you until the problem is solved. They are absolutely amazing.

  • Do yourself a favour and buy the Professional Lifetime bundle!

    I came across while looking for some specific plugins for Divi, which just seemed not to be out there anywhere!
    This seemed to be the solution to what I wanted, just make my own modules and plugins for Divi.
    I took the plunge and purchased the Professional Lifetime bundle hoping it did what it said and I hadn’t wasted my money. It does!

    I actually feel like I stole this at the price paid as it is that good. I had a couple of queries after purchase and created a ticket, which was replied to and resolved well within 24 hours.

    This is some outstanding software!

  • The "Jack-of-all-trade" for your DIVI toolbox.

    I am french. I am grumpy. I am old. I am arrogant. I am usually never fully happy with the products I am buying….


    If you don’t have it, you should. Really efficient way to get your DIVI to do whatever you can think of. The sky is the limit. This is the ultimate and only module you should buy ever.

    The support is “faster-than-light” not only to answer you in a freindly way, but also super kick-ass-efficient. Why aren’t all businesses alike?

    keep up to good work guys!

  • Best solution for your own Divi Modules

    If you like to build your own modules for DIVI, this plugin is a must have. Really helpful pared with a 5 Star Support.

    Thank you!

  • Great plugins, really good support!

    Really easy to use this plugin. Helps to create any custom module you like. Support is fantastic too, good help and quick response.

  • Great plugin, easy to manage

    I’m using this plugin now combined with the vertical menu module. I feel very happy with this plugin! The vertical menu module is very easy to manage/modify (CSS, HTML, code) and of course there is also the possibility to use more modules or create some of your own -I will explore this later for sure!

    Much space for creativity!

  • Awesome Divi Customization Plugin

    Having been building website in Divi for years, I can easily say this is the hands-down best plugin I’ve found.

    Through the out of the box options, as well as amazing support, I’ve been able to create some features that have completely wowed my clients.

    This is the easiest money to spend as a developer, and I’d give higher than 5 stars if possible.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Great way to personalize your own modules for DIVI

    Great way to build your own and personalized modules for the DIVI Visual Builder. Very easy to manage!

  • Great modulebuilder and awesome support

    I used multiple plugins to expand the Divi theme. But i never found a so complexed module to use on any website. The sky is the limit here.
    When you wanne do some special things with it and you ask for support they reply verry fast and even help you to complete your goal when you want it verry complex!

    In my opinion this is the best module ever made for Divi. And not only this one but all there products are just great!

    Ty for the help and keep up to good work guys.

    Best reguards Erwin

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