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Scrolling Image

This module will display an image that will vertically scroll when hovered on.

Modules require the Divi Module Importer plugin or the Divi Module Builder plugin (adds the ability to modify modules). Once either plugin is installed, modules can be easily imported and will become instantly available within the Divi Builder on any layout.

The Scrolling Image module will display an image in Divi that will vertically scroll when hovered on. Included module options:

  • Image
  • Image Container Height
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • URL
  • Scroll Down Speed
  • Scroll Up Speed
  • Box Shadow

You can adjust the height of the visible portion of the image for short or tall images. The entire module is clickable with the URL option. You can adjust the speed of the up and down image scroll. And you can easily remove the layered box shadow. We have also created a Scrolling Image Grid custom module that will display scrolling images from posts.

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