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WooCommerce Product

Easily select and display a WooCommerce product with options to display product elements.

Modules require the Divi Module Importer plugin or the Divi Module Builder plugin (adds the ability to modify modules). Once either plugin is installed, modules can be easily imported and will become instantly available within the Divi Builder on any layout.

The WooCommerce Product module allows you to display a WooCommerce product by selecting from a dropdown list of all products on your site. The following product elements can be turned on or off in the module’s settings:

  • Image
  • Title
  • Price
  • Sale Price
  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • Product Page Button
  • Add to Cart Button



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  • The only easy solution I found!

    With the Divi theme builder I can build custom designs and custom templates for certain pages, but my client wanted a custom design for the category view. THe category has just some products so this plugin made it so simple. For every instance of the Product Module you add you can choose what to show, so I created a 2 column row and added the image on the left and the info on the right. I created the first row and duplicated the design 6 times. I then entered each module and chose the correct product and in 10 minutes I had my custom design ready. It is also so easy my client will be able to add new products in that page.

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