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Professional Bundle

The Professional Bundle is perfect if you need unlimited site license and want to save on multiple plugins. This bundle is offered as an annual renewal or lifetime purchase. The Divi Module Builder, Divi Plugin Creator, and Divi Easy Digital Downloads are also exclusive to this bundle.

The Professional Bundle offers unlimited site licenses for the following premium plugins:

The annual option automatically renews every year, giving you access to support and the latest updates for each plugin for as long as your subscription is active. The lifetime option is a one-time purchase, giving you lifetime access to support and updates for each plugin.


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  • Great Plugin Quality and Excellent Support

    Initially, I was looking for a Plugin that would allow me to display Custom Post Type in an organized way and with filters. I even got to Divi FilterGrid. After using it and seeing that it solved all my problems, I became more interested in the company’s plugins until I decided to buy them all with the lifetime license. I needed support because I made a mistake when purchasing, Support helped me very well and exceeded my expectations in terms of solutions. I’m pleased to have the plugins for life.

  • Seriously good for serious web builders

    I am really impressed with the Divi FilterGrid plugin and all the other plugins and modules are just an added bonus, but I’m even more impressed by the amazing support I got from Alex when I could not figure out how to get my posts to display correctly using the Divi FilterGrid.
    It turns outs out that all I really needed was to have a little dig into the documentation to understand this powerful tool.
    With very powerful tools and superb support make recommending this bundle and Divi Plugins a no-brainer!

  • Filtergrid Upgrade to Professional Bundle

    After having used Filtergrid for a while, I think the best I ever used, I upgraded with a amazing offer to the Pro bundle.
    I love it. othing to add to that.

  • Great choice for working with CPTs and custom fields

    I was looking for a way to improve Divi’s built in functionnalities, especially to deal with filtering and CPTs. After many hours of research, comparison, and carreful thinking, I decided to buy the Professionnal Bundle Lifetime. And… the different modules are just great and they work flawlessly ! I particularly like the Divi Filtergrid plugin and Divi Dynamic Gallery. And I am really glad because Divi Dynamic Gallery works “out of the box” with an advanced image custom field that I created using So : thank you very much for this great work ! And for the email support too !

  • Divi Plugins is amazing!

    All the plugins are fantastic and the customer support is amazing! They even helped me with some custom CSS on the DP Owl Carousel plugin and it worked like a charm. Excited to continue using and I’m glad I bought the lifetime Professional Bundle!

  • Divi FilterGrid - I love it <3

    Awesome and very friendly support. I bought the Professional Bundle (Lifetime) and so far I could only test the Divi FilterGrid Plugin… But that alone was worth it. Thanks a lot and good luck furthermore.

  • Parmis mes très bons plugin pour Divi

    De très nombreux réglages toujours pointus et utiles. Et une vraie aide technique par mail lorsqu’un problème se présente. Top. Parmis les 2 ou 3 plugin que j’utilise sur presque tous mes sites.

  • Very very useful plugins and best team support ever

    First I’m sorry for my bad english. After a bad experience with others plugin’s creator, I bought all the Divi Plugins. I’m glad I made this choice because these plugins are very intuitive. It works with CPT, ACF, and you can do everything you want. Actually , only work with Divi is not enough. Divi Plugins allow you to display and customize much more useful things.
    The support team saved my life few times. They are so kind and very professional ! They are real developers and WordPress experts. Thank you so much !!!!

  • Good Job

    I appreciate especially FilterGrid. I have not yet use all the possibilities of the Divi Module Builder / Importer & Creator but, I think you are the only company that has such modules.
    The Advanced Blurbs Module didn’t show icons in my configuration, but I’m sure you will find out why when I’ll contact you for this issue.
    Bravo again

  • Divi Plugins are the best

    Their products just work, have lots and lots of options, and if anything doesn’t work, or you need help, or an improvement, their support is the best I’ve experienced in the big WordPress world.

  • Essential for any Divi power users

    Divi Builder is fantastic “out of the box” for a standard site. But once you get into truly custom solutions that rely on a lot of data and custom post types, Divi leaves you on your own. That’s where this bundle takes over—seamlessly extending Divi functionality to custom post types and taxonomies to build powerful solutions.

  • Is now on my very short list of go-to Divi plugins...

    Really nice overall design, coding, UI and UX… And does so much I used to wish was easier to do, without having the mess with coding or get support… And still easy enough to tweak styling via css, if needed…

    Plus, the support os just totally awesome… How can I say it better than that… ?


  • XD

    Happy to be a lifetime customer!

  • FilterGrid is pretty much unique

    This plugin really changes what you can do with Divi, far beyond its standard capabilities. This is an automatic install for me now on new sites.

  • Owl Carousel Pro & Divi FilterGrid

    I like to use these two tools. They are working not only with posts, but also with CPT.
    I the next weeks I’ll try to test also the other tools like the Divi Module Builder and the Divi Plugin Creator….

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