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Personal Bundle

The Personal Bundle is perfect if you only need a single site license and want to save on multiple plugins. This bundle is offered as an annual renewal or lifetime purchase.

The Personal Bundle offers a single site license for the following premium plugins:

The annual option automatically renews every year, giving you access to support and the latest updates for each plugin for as long as your subscription is active. The lifetime option is a one-time purchase, giving you lifetime access to support and updates for each plugin. Either option can be upgraded to the Professional Bundle for unlimited licenses and access to the Divi Module Builder and Divi Plugin Creator.


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  • Perfect plugin and Awesome support

    I bought the package because of FilterGrid but for the price we chose to buy the bundle in case we wanted to use some of the other plugins.

    We were stuck about how to customize Divi Woocommerce loop cards, after searching a bit we found this, and after speaking with Brad before purchasing it he reassured us that it would work perfectly for our purpose.

    We installed, we ditched Woocommerce and we switched to simple posts with tags and categories, in nothing it was up and running.

    I’ve contacted support about some customization as Brad told us and they guided us perfectly on how to customize the cards as we wanted.

    In less than 2 days we were what we wanted from the beginner but we weren’t able to do with Woocommerce.

    ✔ Very good Plugin.
    ✔ good and fast support.

  • Great and good support.

    I purchased Personal Bundle.
    I’m a beginner, only 1 week into WP and I’m not a computer scientist either.
    I bought the package because of FilterGrid.
    There was one minor thing I didn’t fully understand so the plugin didn’t work as I had imagined.
    I got an answer to my question in a few minutes which I had spent hours on.
    I should have asked earlier.

  • Everything and a bag of chips

    I can’t comment on support (yet) but I am working with the Divi FilterGrid plugin and the developers have already thought of everything I could have possibly needed for the layout options, the filtering, the custom post and taxonomy support, etc. This does everything I need it to do now, and looks like it can handle anything else I may throw at it in the future.

  • Fantastic plugin & amazing support

    I’ve nothing but high praise for this plugin and the team who created it.

    I needed to recreate a filter gallery for a website rebuild I was working on. It wasn’t a straightforward filter gallery, some of the images linked to other pages, some didn’t and all needed to open in a lightbox. I’d already tried other options including premium plugins – none of which could do it (or if they could they messed up the caching on the site).

    Not only was this plugin suitable (& worked with divi), the support was amazing. Superfast replies (and over Christmas too) and constructive help. Even though I wasn’t familiar with using custom fields, the documentation was straightforward enough for me to set up links from the images to the relevant pages while the support helped me navigate the bits that I couldn’t do.

    Result is that the gallery works and I’m now confident about using custom fields and I’ll defintely be using this plugin for other projects.

    Thank you!

  • Perfect Plugin for Multi-Poster and awesome support.

    If you have a lot of categorys or want to give the people the solution to filter your posts – this is right plugin. You can really do everything, what come in your mind.

    Also I have to say, the support is awsome. I had a little bug and it was fixed in under 48 h.

    ✔ Very good Plugin!
    ✔ Very good and fast support! ?
    ✔ Clear recommendation.

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