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Media Extension

This document explains how to use the Media Extension plugin that extends the functionality of the Divi FilterGrid plugin, allowing you to easily display images, videos and audio files from your WordPress Media Library. This extension requires Divi FilterGrid version 2.7 or higher.

Once installed and activated, a new Media section will get added to the Divi FilterGrid module. This section will only become visible after the Query Type is changed  from “Basic (posts only)” to any other query type. In most cases you’ll likely want to use the “Advanced” Query Type. This will allow you to display all media from your library.

Scroll down to the Media section to modify the media type and data displayed. You should see the following options:

Media Type Support

This dropdown allows you to choose which media type you want to display (all, image, audio, video, custom). If custom is chosen, a new field (Media Type Custom) will appear. Here you can enter a comma-separated list of mime/types for the media you want to display. More information on the correct format to enter here and MIME type support in WordPress can be found in the wp_get_mime_types() documentation page. To include support for PDFs and zip files for example, you can add the following in the Media Type Custom Field:

application/pdf, application/zip

We still need to show Divi FilterGrid how to display this new media type. To do this, you’ll need to add the following custom code to your functions.php file:

Make sure you adjust the code to work with your MIME type.

Media Data Wrapper

By default, the media data fields (image caption and description) will be wrapped in a div with class “dp-dfg-media-data”. Turn off this option to remove this wrapper. This will output each field as a sibling HTML element to the Posts Elements (image, title, read more button) and will make it easier to change the placement location of each field using CSS Grid.

Media Elements

The remaining options in the Media section are toggles to turn off or on data related to the chosen media. Some options are limited to specific media types while others will apply to multiple media types. The available options include:

  • Show Caption
  • Show Artist
  • Show Album
  • Show Description

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